bioC Schlauer Fuchs

with natural iron and the fruit’s own vitamin C

Voelkel bioC Schlauer FuchsSaft

For smart minds1 & little explorers

As an addition to the popular bioC range our new “Schlauer Fuchs” (clever fox) variety is perfectly suited for nutrition-conscious and caring families with children.

One glass per day for a smart mind1 and a strong immune system2!
Cleverly combined: with natural iron from organic curry leaves and rich in the fruit’s own vitamin C. Children enjoy the mild fruity taste because of the really well-balanced vegan recipe that doesn’t use citrus fruits.

Every bottle of Voelkel’s bioC juice contains the best for you and your family – inspired by nature’s wealth without any synthetic additives.

1 Iron contributes to normal cognitive development in children.
2 Vitamin C increases the body’s absorption of iron and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Where can I get Voelkel’s bioC juices?

Voelkel’s bioC Schlauer Fuchs is available in health food shops, organic grocery stores and from specialist dealers. You can also order our juices from our online Voelkel-Shop.

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